The Salmon


Salmon is an excellent food for all the people in all the ages. Its is a great source of protein, and contain lots of antioxidants and natural vitamins. It can even fight hemorrhoids and diarrhea. Its recommended
for everybody, but wait – what is actually Salmon?

Salmon is the common name for several types of fish from the Salmonidae family. The names of other fish in this family is trout (trout). Salmon reside both in the ocean and in closed water.

Normally salmon hatch from the egg in fresh water, migrate to the sea and return to freshwater to reproduce.

The Mythology about the salmon has fascinating stories of wild nature: salmon returning to the place of their birth to lay eggs in the same creek where they were born, in a campaign against powerful currents, they show an unusual determination and the end of the journey they die after spawning. Indeed, studies confirm that at least 90% of the fish reproducing certain riverbed, indeed born in the same channel.
Spawning cycle of the salmon supports many wild animals, which are aimed at the list according to their migratory cycles of spawning salmon.
Nowadays there is a real concern as to impoverishment population of Atlantic salmon and in some parts of the Pacific due to excess demand for salmon originating from nature. Except the northern parts of Alaska, where the fish are still plentiful, are depleting reservoirs. It is estimated that the number of salmon in the early twentieth century and one of the Columbia River, British Columbia, is only 3% of their quantity, the original early nineteenth century.

Salmon is one of the most popular fish consumed. Salmon as food is considered healthy because of the high content of proteins in the flesh, very low levels of fat and very high content of omega-3.
However, approximately 95% of salmon consumed in the world today, originated in ponds growing artificial, and reportedly journal Science, salmon that size fish farm may contain higher levels of toxins compared to salmon reared in nature and levels of omega-3 lower fish pond than in wild fish. Also do you  know that pain killer medicine such as oxycodone or hydrocodone is being made of Salmon (around 40% of the ingredients)? That’s an amazing fact.
Another amazing fact is that salmon is considered to be the natural cure for hemorrhoids and other disease,such as tonsil stones, or kidney stones.

Despite this, the British Food Standards Agency has found that the benefits of eating salmon pools exceed the risk involved in these pollutants. Some even noted that salmon have the lowest levels of methyl mercury in relation to other food fish. It has known for its men’s quality for turning on libido, read here for more.
Flesh color of raw salmon pink is usually orange, although there are also wild salmon whose flesh is white. Color of salmon flesh comes from special pigments. Growing source of natural pigment in fish is eating crabs. Because consumers do not tend to buy salmon that white meat, fish ponds towers add the fish to their food pigment deliberately, because it is not food fish ponds typically contains pigments.

Eating fish is always good for your health and salmon is especially recommended because of its taste and health value.

Salmon is one of the most popular fish consumed. Salmon as food is considered healthy because of the high content of proteins in the flesh, very low levels of fat and very high content of essential fatty acid, Omega.

Fatty acids are essential to the body and an important role to prevent many diseases. Numerous studies have already shown that the power of these fatty acids raise levels of good cholesterol is HDL, and lower triglyceride lipid levels.

Reduced risk of developing heart disease, stroke and more recently they have also attributed the uplifting influence mood and enhances memory. Studies also indicate the importance of such fatty acids functioning brain cells and slow their rate of aging. Also known fish eaters welcome a higher life expectancy.

Omega three fatty acids also protect the heart and reduce triglycerides. In addition, it was found that they can reduce inflammation and joint disease. Cooking, baking or frying, do not harm the nutritional value of fish fatty acids and therefore should eat and enjoy it in any situation. To balance very unhealthy food we consume every day.

95% of salmon consumed in the world today, originated in artificial ponds and journal reports (science) science salmon raised in fish ponds have higher levels of toxins, compared to wild salmon reared, Part of nature’s materials and parts for human intervention to increase reproduction. Following these figures, it is clear why omega-3 levels also lower than pond fish fish Fra.lmrot it still better to eat these fish rather than other food species, and many like beef and Of.bshim years I prefer fish dishes preparatory proud Simat baked and fried salmon excellent .

Salmon and trout are grown in cold water as part of the genetic heritage Slhm.zo reason they grow rivers north where cold water in the first place compared to Central and South growth ponds are fed rivers are careful about the cold threshold required for these fish.

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